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7. How to change your garden...water

Water has a harmonious effect on our souls, so in a garden the sense of the garden calming our inner selves is doubled by the presence of water there as well. There is plenty of evidence that people enjoy being near water so it is a popular choice to add to a garden. Water is an easy element to incorporate into a garden because water features are e...
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6. How to change your garden...light

Gardens really add to our lives and enhance our homes, but when we think about our gardens at this time of year, we remember them bathed in sparkling summer sunlight and feel the warmth.  The gloomy days, and the dark evenings of winter, mean it's a place seldom even thought about other than beyond the occasional look out of the window.&n...
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5. How to change your garden...height

​Gardens are made up of many different details that we take in when we look at them. Our eyes see colour, texture, shape and form, and height in a garden gives interest and variety. Height attracts the eye and can focus our attention away from ground level which means that we can see beyond the garden. So a distant view, the skyscape etc can all be...
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4. How to change your garden...repetition

In our previous blogs we looked at the importance of structure and focal points within the garden as elements of good garden design. This blog features on another aspect of design that Garden Designers need to consider, repetition. It is a key technique used to bring unity to a garden.  This helps the eye 'feel comfortable' by the re...
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8. How to change your garden...colour

​Colour is another important aspect of how a garden will make us feel when we look at, and immerse ourselves within, the garden. A garden without colour is not really a garden, but just an outside space waiting to be improved. That doesn't mean an all green garden is not a garden because green is a colour which can be as exciting as garden with oth...
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3. How to change your garden...focal points

In the last blog we explained the importance of structure; this blog explains how focal points are the 'highlights' on the structure within the garden.While structure can lead the eye, a focal point gives the eye something to rest on and enjoy.  They can be subtle, like an arrangement of three different evergreens, or full on - in your fa...
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2 . How to change your garden…structure

Structure in a garden is absolutely essential and without it your garden will become a completely blank canvas in the winter.  When people think of what needs to be in their gardens they will think of plants that flower – often perennials and maybe some shrubs.  Perennials look amazing when they are at their peak, but only few o...
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1. How to change your general

Gardens do so much to improve our enjoyment of our homes, from glimpses and views of them from windows, to spending time in them during the warmer months.  There are many studies on the beneficial impact they have on our mental health, whether we are relaxing in them or working in them to keep them under control. If you are happy with you...
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Late winter garden notes 1

Large gardens need constant care and attention throughout the year. Sadly, some people don't appreciate that by stopping gardening through the winter and early spring means that trying to catch up with the jobs that should have been done will mean their garden won't be looking at its absolute best in the summer. Work in the garden during the winter...
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Welcome to our blog!

We are super excited to be able to reach our website visitors via our blog, and others who find our blog on other platforms.  We plan to share things all related to gardens including information, useful advice, inspiration, upcoming events, tips, suggest useful plants among many other items that we think you may find interesting.&nbs...
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