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Christmas Gifts 2020

If you are thinking of buying a gift for a garden lover, there are so many options to consider.  This blog will offer some ideas for consideration, so grab something nice to drink and read on to find lots of ideas that will hopefully inspire you to choose a great present idea.


Getting organised really helps some gardeners, especially beginners.  There are many styles from blank pages with lines or dots to those with more of a structured approach.

The Gardener –

This Journal can be customised with the recipient's name, and a choice of soft or hard backed, and lined, dotted or plain pages. Great for those already using notebooks and journals. 

My Gardening Handbook – Oliver Bonas

This book has a blank section, as well as information on gardening. 

The Mindful Gardener: A Journal –

This paperback is a guided journal which has space for writing as well inspirational quotes and tutorials.


There are many well respected organisations that offer memberships related to gardens.  Some are purely garden related, while others offer access to beautiful gardens as well as other benefits.  

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

Membership benefits include free visits to their four RHS gardens at Wisely (Surrey), Rosemoor (Devon), Hyde Hall (Essex), Hadlow Carr (North Yorks) and there is a fifth new garden opening soon at Bridgewater (Greater Manchester).  There is also access to partner gardens, a monthly magazine, members only day tickets for their shows and personalized gardening advice for members. 

Nationally renowned gardens, for example Eden ProjectKew Gardens and many others 

A whole year's free access to sites, so maybe best to find one local to the gift recipient.  Alternatively could be a good gift for garden fanatics going on holiday, so they can visit the garden several times while away and really explore the gardens in great detail.  Some also produce regular magazines about their sites. 

National Trust, English Heritage etc

Whilst not purely about gardens, many locations have beautiful outdoor areas and gardens which can demonstrate how gardens have been in the past. There is also access to historic buildings and spotlights on life in different times. 

As prices and offers change all the time, to get the best available subscription it will be best to search on Google etc. Then you can compare different offers from various sites offering memberships as well as the direct site (if applicable).  

Magazine Subscriptions

A gift that lasts all year offering monthly advice for gardeners of all abilities. 

  • BBC Gardeners' World

This magazine is a good all-rounder covering everything connected to the garden from growing veg to flowers as well as featuring inspirational gardens.  Subscription also means that you get access to exclusive content on the website.

  • Modern Gardens

A 'lifestyle' layout with lots of ideas of how to enhance your garden with furniture, accessories and planting.  There are also features on gardens that have been designed/landscaped, some with costings.

  • Gardens Illustrated, and The English Garden

These are both glossy high-end magazines with drool inducing photography of beautiful and gorgeous gardens.  They also contain articles on gardening, plants etc.

  • Garden Design Journal

The magazine from the Society Garden Designers, with lots of inspirational gardens, not just in the UK, but from all around the world.  The standard of design is high and will inspire your next garden project.

  • Garden Answers and Kitchen Garden

Practical magazines with lots of advice on growing, and how to deal with plant problems and solutions.

As prices and offers change all the time, to get the best available subscription it will be best to search on Google etc.  Then you can compare different offers from various sites offering magazine subscriptions as well as the direct site (if applicable). 


Gardening books cover a vast array of subjects from general garden advice, to very detailed and specific details on one plant.  They also cover beginners through to experienced gardeners.  But despite your ability, gardens and plants are so diverse, you can always learn.  Whatever way you want to change or improve in your garden, there will be a book to help you.

The RHS offer an excellent range of books which are clearly presented with lots of images and explanations.  Many TV Gardeners also have books, again covering diverse subjects from allotment gardening to designing small gardens.

Getting a gardening book for Christmas really whets the appetite for the spring and summer to come.  Readers can use the intervening time to plan their plots and activities to develop their gardens.

Books can be ordered on-line or in-store from a large array of bookstores. 

Practical Gifts

A Frog/Toad House is an Unusual Gift

There are innumerable gifts suitable for gardeners from many sources.  Many charities offer gifts, which has a two-fold benefit of supporting the charity as well as a gift. Try the following: 

Gift ideas to consider:

  • Clothing – hats, gloves, footwear, coats etc all help to keep an all-season gardener warm or cool depending on the season.
  • Tools – personalised forks and trowels, high quality secateurs, leaf grabbers etc
  • Garden accessories - insect houses, animal habitats, bird feeders, pots, seats etc
  • Miscellaneous –

Garden Gift Experiences 

There are so many sites to choose from for a tour of a garden with Afternoon Tea included, for example 

Garden Pamper Hampers 

Lots of different sites offer hundreds of combinations of products in hampers/boxes.  You're sure to find the right selection to suit your 'Giftee' 

Garden Workshops & Classes

Again, there are many locations offering courses ranging from general to very specific subject.  You can choose from courses that last a few hours, to across a few weeks.  The RHS and Thrive both offer courses as a place to start.

Plant Gifts

These gifts will give pleasure beyond Xmas, but the diversity of what is available can be a bit daunting.

The first choice to consider is whether to buy seeds, plants, trees or bulbs – before deciding which species to go for.  It could be that the 'giftee' has a particular plant they love, in which case try finding a more unusual variety to add to their collection.  If they just love plants then the world is still not your oyster!  You need to consider the conditions of the garden as not all plants are happy in all places.

If you're not sure what to buy, consider a voucher so they can treat themselves to something they would like to try.  Another option could be house plant as there should be somewhere in their home that will have the right growing conditions – light, humidity etc. 

There are also many 'kits' to help novice gardeners get going, so this could be a good choice. The Gluttonous Gardener have cleverly thought of or whole range of kit ideas from seed kits to growbars (coir impregnated with seeds so all you need to do is add water).  These range from 'Jane Austen's Flowers Growbar' to 'The Cocktail Growbar' and seed kits for 'A Christmas Cook's Garden' to 'The Dog Lovers' Garden'.  They're easier to wrap too!

The ultimate gift for that extra special someone is to have their garden designed- a gift that will last, be enjoyed and loved, for many years to come.  Contact us to discuss how we could help you 'deliver' this special present.

Merry Christmas and stay safe.  

Please note that photos are courtesy of either us, or various external websites. Please click on photos and if it is from an external source, this will open in a new window. 

Making the most of your garden during lock-down

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