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Garden design, build and maintenance

Welcome to Consilio, an innovative, creative and highly skilled landscaping company based in Kent, London, Surrey and Essex. We design, build and maintain contemporary and classic gardens for people living within and across Kent and its surrounding counties, offering them landscaping solutions for gardens both large and small.  We are dedicated to creating outstanding and visually stunning landscaped gardens for our clients.  Our aim is to ensure that each garden we design is exceptional, unique and continually breaking boundaries in garden design, that our landscapers work to the highest specifications, and our horticulturist will maintain your garden to perfection.

Our vision is to bring together our experience, technology and creativity to all elements of our clients’ gardens offering them an inspiring space that delivers all their needs and aspirations through a mix of colour, structure, texture, balance and light. Our extensive range of services include designing, building, and maintaining our clients’ gardens. Our services are available in combination depending on our clients’ needs, ideas and visions. The services we provide are individually tailored to each of our clients and we take great pride in providing each of them with the gorgeous garden they envisioned in their dreams. Making ideas a reality, our designers and landscapers work closely with every single client, ensuring that our service meets the high standards we have become renowned for.

Creating exceptional outdoor spaces


Garden design has grown in popularity over the past two decades and is a reflection of the importance of trends and styles within the home. Gardens have also become visual interpretations of how we live our day to day lives.  By working closely with our clients, we have been able to design and produce some exquisite landscapes, as each and every design is carefully constructed through our expert knowledge and care for technical detail. We aim to provide each client with their dream outdoor area taking time to ensure that through hard work and creativity we create the perfect design for each individual. In understanding our client’s personal style, we will need to establish what colours, shapes, and themes they are inspired by for their garden. Whatever you want to have within the garden - such as areas for entertaining, planting, water features, outdoor cooking zones etc - will all be considered alongside the structure required to make the garden practical.  We are aware that some clients may find this part of the design process less than straightforward, and we are always on hand to offer specialist advice and support to work out what you want and need. Our bespoke garden design service is personal to you and your unique style, as we believe every client has individual expectations and specific needs for their outdoor space which we aim to fulfil within your budget, so tell us what your design dreams and desires are and we can take it from there.Once our clients are completely happy and confident with the design, you can choose for our experienced landscapers to work on building your final design. 


Our team of expert landscapers aim to turn your garden design plans into a reality. From the building of core landscaping elements, to the careful planting of the soft landscaping, we aspire to construct your garden to your exact expectations. 

We can build from Consilio’s designs, other designers’ plans and schemes, or landscape discreet features within your garden from fencing to patios.  We work with our clients to deliver the best possible solution to create a garden they want. 

At Consilio Partnership, we believe that the garden is an extension of the home, for this reason our team will treat the work area with respect and approach any on-site issues with a creative and positive attitude.  With a focus not only on design details, our skilled and experienced landscapers will work to the highest specifications and standards, while delivering value for money.  They will demonstrate careful attention to every detail so that when completed, your finished garden will be beyond what you imagined.


Maintaining a garden, for some, can seem like a long and arduous task. This, however, does not need to be the case. Through our services, we provide our clients with garden maintenance, offering each garden the loving attention it requires to flourish. We can offer a regular garden maintenance service to keep our clients’ garden looking beautiful and fresh all year round, as well as a tailored maintenance plans to suit our clients’ specific requirements, and one-off garden visits too. 

We are extremely flexible with garden care services and will attend to gardens across Kent and the South East. Our talented team of horticulturists will ensure that each area of the garden is given the necessary attention to allow it to grow and thrive to its full potential. 

We aim to provide a fully personal service to each and every client.  With a great passion for garden perfection and enhancement, we are equipped with extensive skills and knowledge that will make it possible for our clients to enjoy the beauty of their gardens all year round. 

Garden experts: 

Boasting 24 years of experience, Consilio Partnership recognises the importance of perfecting each and every garden we work on, ensuring that it is up to each client’s personal standards. Our team is made of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who work avidly to create and exceed expectations on a daily basis. 

At Consilio Partnership we work hard to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the results we produce. Furthermore, we have a direct focus on attention to the finer details with this being key to our craftsmanship across all our service areas.

Unleashing every garden’s potential

At Consilio Partnership we strongly believe that every garden is part of the home and offers another place for families and friends to spend quality time together.  For this reason, we never underestimate the many functions which an outdoor living space can offer, an area in which to socialise, to relax, reflect and recharge.  In light of this, our garden design, build and maintenance teams will guarantee to transform the gardens in relation to our client’s specific requirements and needs. 

We understand overall that it all comes down to personal preferences when creating the dream garden our clients desire.  It is in this respect that we love incorporating personalised touches into the way each garden looks and feels.   Whether the garden is a blank canvas or established and mature, is intimate or immense in size, our team promises to deliver a service that will meet each garden’s potential. 

At Consilio Partnership we aim to deliver an excellent service for our clients and provide them with amazing gardens.  We accept any comments and feedback in order to improve our expanding services so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We offer a complete garden service

Exceptional craftmanship

Exceptional craftmanship
and attention to detail

Garden Experts

With 24 years of experience, we know that there will not be a problem that cannot be tackled. Our creative brains will thrive on the challenge. We recognise the importance of getting your garden just right for you, and will strive to exceed your expectations.

tailored maintenance

Tailored maintenance

Professional service

Professional garden design

With our professional expertise and knowledge, we can deliver the garden of your dreams

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Inspiring you to realise your garden's potential

Gardens are another room of your home and can provide many functions from an outdoor living space to socialise with family and friends, or as a place to relax, reflect and recharge. We can transform your garden to be designed around you and become an all year round feature for you to enjoy.

Your perfect garden

Let us keep your garden perfect

Garden Care

All gardens need tender loving care, and we can do this via a regular tailored maintenance plan to a one off garden overhaul, and everything in between.

We can make your garden beautiful

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