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Gardens do so much to improve our enjoyment of our homes, from glimpses and views of them from windows, to spending time in them during the warmer months.  There are many studies on the beneficial impact they have on our mental health, whether we are relaxing in them or working in them to keep them under control.

If you are happy with your garden, then well done!  But if you're one of many people who want to improve your garden. then read on.  We have a few ideas that you can do to bring out the better, but perhaps hidden, side of your garden.

This will be the first in the series of 'how to change your garden...' and this blog will focus on general ideas. Future blogs will pick up on design details, for example - 'Structure', 'Focal Points', 'Repetition', 'Height', 'Light', 'Water' and 'Trees'.

So where do you begin:

Tidy it up

It sounds obvious but clearing up your garden will have a big impact.Jobs to do include:

removing dead leaves and weeds from planting areas,

cutting the grass,

re-edging grass borders,

weeding pathways,

trim hedging,

prune overgrown plants

As well as those tasks, sweeping and cleaning hard surfaces will go a huge way to making the garden looked cared for.For an even bigger lift, try treating fences, sheds, wooden furniture and pergolas to a wood stain, or even a colour.

All the above will really help you begin to see what you have got in your garden, and it won't look so neglected.

Assess what you've got

Does your garden get a lot of sun, or is it in shade most of the year from a huge tree in a neighbour's garden for instance?  Does it get boggy, or dry out?  Do you have acid or alkaline soil?  Without knowing these details, you could buy plants that don't thrive, or die, because they aren't suitable for your garden.  So, its important to find out what you've got before going to step 3.  The RHS web site has lots of advice on this.  For soil types try this link, while for information on the 'climate' in your garden try here

New Plants

Many people start buying new plants in Spring to add to their gardens, but don't rush off and just choose once you get to the garden centre, wait and do some armchair research first.  Look into what plants you like, their colours, plant sizes, seasons of interest, conditions they like. Even the same species of plant can come in different shapes, sizes, colours as well as tolerating different growing conditions.  Use Pintrest to create a mood board, and the RHS' plant finder can give you lots of information on whether the plant is suitable for your garden (using the information about your garden that you found out in step 2).  Our Pintrest board's could be a start to help your imagination. Take a look by clicking here.

The lawn

Most gardens have a lawn and most people only care for the lawn by cutting it.  But your lawn is a plant, that will improve, if shown more care.  A minimum is to "weed and feed" and if you are very keen, you can scarifying and tine your lawn.  This will give you a lush lawn after a period of several weeks, if done at the right time of the year.

These four steps will help to improve the look and condition of your garden.If you're now feeling a little dismayed after reading that list - not everyone has green fingers, or the time - a gardener could be an investment to do these jobs for you.

Alternatively, you might need, or want, more than makeover.  If so, a garden designer can breathe new life into your garden.  A complete makeover will elevate your garden to something you will truly treasure and value every day.

Check out the rest of our web site for details of all our services to help you with your garden.

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