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Designing your garden
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Garden Design in Kent

Unleashing the potential in your garden

The design process allows us to assess your garden’s current condition as we work with you to uncover your hopes and wishes for your outdoor space. Every client has individual requirements, and our aim is to establish exactly how you would like to interact with your garden, so that we come up with the most suitable designs to suit you perfectly.

We offer three levels of a bespoke creative design service that will cover a range of garden aspirations.

  • A simple re-design of beds from re-shaping to re-planting, or both.
  • An essential design to incorporate the uses you need from your garden - social area, play area, speciality planting etc. This can be within the whole garden, or for a specific area.
  • A detailed concept design which will be personalised to an aspect of your interests or home. The design will be developed in close consultation with yourself at every stage.

All services will involve us coming to you for an initial consultation, to discuss the elements and uses you want within the garden, and your budget. We will explain what we do in more detail, the different design services available and talk about how we can transform, or even extend, your thoughts and ideas into a reality.

design your garden
design your garden
design your garden
design your garden

With our professional expertise and knowledge, we can deliver the garden of your dreams

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Assessing your garden

If you are happy for us to go ahead, we will return to survey your garden to understand it’s unique nature. The survey will be thorough and cover many aspects, including measuring the garden, noting where the sun travels across it, the soil type for example. All this information is used to make sure the design works within your garden and that the right plants are chosen.

designing your garden

Create space to relax

With our garden design Kent services, you can create the perfect space to relax in your garden. Play with light and shade to design spaces for play and relaxation. As a professional garden designer Kent-based, we can help you to realise your dream garden and bring your ideas to life no matter how big your outdoor space is.

If you're looking for garden design Kent specialists, get in touch with us. We work closely with our clients to design and build gardens to fit any vision. As a professional garden designer Kent residents trust, our services include everything from small, regular maintenance to landscaping, planting, and pruning.

Don't let your outdoor space be wasted. Work with us to create something special that can be enjoyed by the whole family all year round. Incorporate winding paths, play spaces, and rose gardens into your outdoor space and see it in a whole new light.

Design to virtual reality

We will use CAD (Computer Aided Design) to develop some design ideas and visit you again to share them with you, and to also discuss the next stage. Our designs can be presented on plan, but we can also provide visualisations, images of what your new garden design could look like, or even a short animation moving through the design so that you can truly see and get a sense of the impact your new garden will have. We will also discuss the material and plant strategy for the garden, ie why we have chosen those specific items.

We can then discuss the design, materials and plants and make any changes to make sure the garden is just what you want.

Once the design is finalised, our plan and construction drawings will come with a full plant list and schedule of ongoing care for all the plants we have used. The plants used will be chosen to suit your garden environment and level of time you plan to have for their ongoing care.

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We can make your garden beautiful

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