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6. How to change your garden...light

Gardens really add to our lives and enhance our homes, but when we think about our gardens at this time of year, we remember them bathed in sparkling summer sunlight and feel the warmth.  The gloomy days, and the dark evenings of winter, mean it's a place seldom even thought about other than beyond the occasional look out of the window.  However, lighting your garden not only brings your garden to life on dark winter nights, but clever lighting will enhance your garden for warm summer nights too.

As well as aesthetics, lighting serves several other purposes.  So, as well as emphasising a feature, tree/s or planting in the garden, it can increase the security around your home.  Lighting can also improve safety by illuminating steps and changes of levels etc. making it easier to navigate the garden in the darker evenings.

​There are numerous ways to add lighting to a garden from up-lighting, down-lighting, spot lights to festoon lighting, and the choice of fittings for these ranges from contemporary to traditional.  The lighting can be soft for an effect, or brighter if needed for utility purposes.

Trees really come to life from up-lighting or spot-lights, and by lighting through your whole garden you can really appreciate all your garden at night.

Clever lighting by plants really enhances the foliage and flowers and allows them to be enjoyed beyond sunlight hours.

Lighting on steps not only makes them safer to use in the darkness, it brings out their structural contribution to the garden design.

For more information on lighting, try the Telegraph's article on garden lighting, and RHS give advice on the impact of lighting on wildlife.

Consilio Partnership can design and install an amazing lighting scheme for your garden, so contact us for more details.

7. How to change your garden...water
5. How to change your garden...height

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